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Selected the Venture Company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Won the excellent prize for the Standard Quality
Established Laboratory attached to the Company
Established the branch office in Manila, Philippines
nvented Ground Reactors(Dry Air core type. H class)
Awarded the prize from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in the contest about the Quality of manufactured products in Korea
Invented products developed Signal Reactors for the Velocity Control system of the Rapid-Transit Railway
Won the first prize for the group-presentation contest about the Quality of manufactured products in Korea.
Awarded the extended Certificate of KSA 9001/ISO 9001 from KMA-QA, Korea
Awarded the Group Standard Certificate from Korea Electrical factures’ Cooperative
Awarded the Certificate of KSA 9002/ISO 9002 from KMA-QA, Korea
Developed the Oil immersed type of Neural-Ground Reactors(Arc suppression coils)
Yangchon Industrial Estate B-4, Hagun-Ri, Yangchon-Myeon, Kimpo-City, Kyeonggi-Province, South Korea
Tel. : 82-31-986-1724 ~ 1728 / Fax : 82-31-986-1730 / 
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